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Private Training

Private Training

Metros Soccer Academy (MSA) is pleased to announce private training opportunities with Gerry O’Donnell, MSA’s Academy Director.  Gerry brings a wealth of experience and success in training youth players, as well as a tremendous passion for the game.  Click Here for more information about Gerry!

MSA’s age appropriate curriculum combines a variety of cutting edge and traditional training concepts in order to give players a great soccer experience.  Gerry is committed to improve every player’s skills after attending the MSA Private Training Series. He will help raise each player’s Game Level!


how to perform from basic to advanced skills individually, in couples and game situations – including receiving the ball under pressure, individual and team attacking and defending situations, finishing, offensive and defensive set pieces.


when and why to perform these skills relative to position and role within a team – including transition, speed of play, combination play, changing the point of attack, principles of attack and defense, attacking and defending set pieces.


where and how to perform different skills relative to position within a team, position specific focus, individually and collectively.


the importance of properly warming up and cooling down before and after the practice as well as playing a game to avoid muscles injuries and focusing in an exercise plan to increase the aerobic and anaerobic resistance, strength, power, speed, acceleration, explosiveness and sharpness emphasizing in a perfect coordination of movements, with and without ball.

Training and Devlopment Triangle


how to prepare mentally to fulfill your maximum potential, how to be a leader, goal setting and self-confidence.

Private/Small Group Training Fees:

  • One Player - $55 per session (each session runs up to an hour and half)
  • Two - Four Players - $40 per session per player
  • Five or More Players - $30 per session per player



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Would you like to schedule some training session?

Need more information?

Please contact Gerry O’Donnell via email at:     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call:      (919) 929-1994